Bend-tech access and inspection doors have been designed with safety at the forefront. Such a dangerous application requires extensive thought and ingenuity to ensure a safe, efficient method of access and inspection can be developed and implemented. The lack of such processes has led to several serious incidents on-site, slowing down procedure and endangering the lives of operators. Our doors incorporate features that improve the safety outcomes of the site and provide a safer workplace for operators.


We can provide a door for any access and inspection point with the necessary characteristics to ensure compliance and improve productivity and ensure safety on your mine site. Size, locking mechanisms and handles, incorporating beam work, specific liners and wear solutions and sensors and sprayers are all easily handled by Bend-tech. We have the custom door solution for your requirements.

High impact and wear

Access and inspection doors are often subject to harsh environments and applications. The very nature of access and inspection applications can put the door and the surrounding structure under extreme impact, wear and abrasion. Poor quality doors will suffer and soon become too damaged for safe and compliant operation. Bend-tech access and inspection doors are engineered tough and can be fitted with the applicable components and wear materials to ensure they withstand the harshest environments.

 Improve your site outcomes

Operators that are able to safely access and view high danger areas will have greater peace of mind on-site. Unsafe doors lead to unsafe site practices which can have huge effects on staff, reputations and the bottom line. Improving the way chutes, conveyors and danger areas are accessed will have unprecedented effects on morale, staff performance and safety outcomes of the organisation. A safer, high performance site will lead to transformed productivity and profitability. 

Bring your site up to Australian Standards with Bend-tech Access and Inspection Doors

All Bend-tech doors are certified and compliant with Australian Standards ensuring they provide sites with the performance, safety and longevity outcomes they require. Quality, intelligent design, engineering and construction has developed a range of access and inspection products that drastically improve safety and productivity on-site. Download our free white paper to find out more, Transforming Access and Inspection Door Safety