Plant and Site Preventive & Operational Maintenance Support





Here at Bend-tech Defence our number one priority is safety, and we believe that it should be paramount in any workplace. This is especially true in the hazardous environments of the harshest, most demanding of industries. Wherever heavy machinery and equipment are involved it is essential to have the correct infrastructure in place. This is our speciality, and we can supply you with everything your company needs.

Preventative Maintenance Strategy

Regular, professional maintenance of equipment and assets helps to keep them running smoothly, and restricts costly downtime caused by preventable equipment failure. Staying ahead of any issues will not only extend the working-life of machines, but also help prevent accidents and potential damage.

Any successful preventative maintenance program requires careful planning and detailed scheduling. Here at Bend-tech Defence we have created a range of exceptionally durable infrastructure essentials and tools to assist with regular operational maintenance tasks and boost overall productivity.

State of the Art Infrastructure

Aside from risk assessments and common-sense risk-avoidance, there are a number of things any organisation can do to increase worker and visitor comfort and safety. Bend-tech Defence are able to offer a wide-range of infrastructural items that are designed to provide operational maintenance support and make those tasks so much easier. We aim to help negate risks wherever possible, efficiently and cost-effectively.

From items such as bollards and vehicle gates, to ladders and handrails, all our products are meticulously designed, constructed, and tested to meet, and often surpass, the most stringent of Australian standards. They are always built from heavy-duty materials and tested to breaking point. You will find no more comprehensive solutions anywhere.

The constant pursuit of excellence

At Bend-tech Defence we strive for excellence in terms of performance and safety. We can help to improve the condition of working environments, and a company’s ongoing operational maintenance regime.

Ultimate Practical Solutions

Technological advances in the creation and improvement of industrial infrastructure and tooling have never been more innovative than they are today. Bend-tech Defence make it our business to stay at the forefront of any improvements or new approaches in those fields. In fact, our own team of design engineers are some of the leading forces in creating those new ideas and concepts. By employing a robust operational maintenance policy, we believe that any organisation can reduce risk and increase efficiency and productivity. Those companies that have chosen to install our items of infrastructure and implement our recommended preventative maintenance procedures have seen significant reductions in certain risks, and in the amount of time lost to avoidable stoppages.

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Bend-tech Defence offer our clients a free risk assessment with every quote. Customers can then make use of our findings, and take appropriate action, with our full assistance if required.

Please take some time to view the full range of Bend-tech Defence’s infrastructure options or get in touch with our dedicated team today and they will be happy to discuss your on-site preventative maintenance support.