Work Platforms. Aluminium access platforms, access equipment and elevated work platforms certified and compliant with Australian Standards.Suitable for use in all heavy-industrial settings, we can supply everything from a mining platform to a safety access platform, and a huge number of other options. In fact, our heavy equipment platform range is incredibly diverse, and is highly-customisable to suit any of our clients’ requirements. We tailor our services to a wide range of heavy industrial sectors and are well versed in meeting the diverse requirements for each and every client.

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Access Platforms

At Bend-tech we understand that the defence and mining sectors and other heavy industrial settings will present the most demanding challenges that any product can be expected to endure. We design and manufacture an extensive range of high-quality access platforms for industrial and mining applications in Australia. All of our heavy equipment maintenance platform solutions have been meticulously designed and constructed using the most modern technologies and materials available. No attention to detail or expense is spared in such a vital area. They are tested to breaking point to ensure maximum durability, and consistency of performance, and can be relied upon to operate as required at all times. All platforms are constructed to the highest possible standards and are designed to allow for easy operational maintenance and ensuring worker safety at all times.

From fixed plant and general platforms, to conveyor belt, truck, rail and aircraft platforms, we build and supply a wide variety of heavy-duty steel and aluminium access platforms that make it easy for your workforce to inspect and maintain plant and machinery on your sites. Every platform we produce is engineered with safety and efficiency in mind and all of our fixed and mobile access platforms comply with, and regularly exceed all relevant Australian standards, and have been certified as such.

Durable, Stable and Safe Steel and Aluminium Access Platforms

The precise engineering, heavy-duty construction and safety features of our access platforms ensure that maintenance workers are able to perform vital servicing and repair tasks without taking any unnecessary risks. All our maintenance platform options are state-of-the-art, and are designed to be safe, reliable, and robust under even the heaviest of uses, and in the harshest of environments. Non-slip stairways and work areas provide excellent underfoot grip in all weathers and environments to protect against trips and slips, two of the most common, preventable reasons for serious workplace injuries every year.

One severe risk area that all industrial sites can pro-actively protect against is that of individuals falling from height, something which accounted for 11% of all work-related deaths in 2019/20. To help negate this risk, Bend-tech Defence have produced a series of customisable handrails and self-closing gates to provide protection against accidental falls. We believe they are an essential piece of equipment for any mining platform or maintenance platform, in terms of both worker safety and meeting all relevant Australian safety requirements.

Maximum reliability, performance, and longevity

One observation of mine-safety inspectors is that handrails are often found to be in poor condition and are not actually fit for purpose. Corrosion can be a particularly prevalent issue, especially in damp or saline areas.

As most mine-site handrails are produced to a minimum standard, and not higher, they do not make allowances for corrosion and its associated dangers. Bend-tech Defence’s solution is to go further, and blast and prime our handrails. This significantly reduces the onset of corrosion and lengthens their working lifetime accordingly. Finally, they are finished in Y14 safety yellow for maximum visibility.

Customised Safety Access Platform Service

In addition to our extensive range of standard access platforms, which can be produced to your desired measurements and specifications, we offer a fully bespoke safety access platform design, engineering and manufacturing service. To take advantage of this service, please call Bend-tech Defence. One of our dedicated team members will be only too happy to arrange a site visit so we can discuss your requirements in detail and survey the area. We will then prepare a thorough analysis of your location and provide any necessary recommendations. We will include a risk-assessment in this obligation-free breakdown.

Whether you need custom aircraft maintenance platforms, helicopter maintenance platforms, mobile access platforms, or plant inspection platforms, we can design, engineer and manufacture solutions that meet all of your requirements. We may be able to escalate certain orders upon request to meet client deadlines.

Guaranteed quality and consistency

All of our custom heavy equipment platform builds are guaranteed to be of the same exceptional build-quality as the rest of our range and will also be fully compliant with all required Australian standards.

Whatever your heavy equipment maintenance platform needs may be, Bend-tech Defence can meet them at very competitive prices. With more than 30 years of experience in the design, engineering and manufacturing of safety access platforms for mining, oil & gas, industrial and marine applications, we have the knowledge and expertise to produce best-in-class safety access platform solutions for your company.