Alltuff Stands have been engineered to transform safety and combat the failures associated with traditional jacking stand models. Alltuff Stands are a high capacity light-weight stand, load rated from 15T to 30T with a maximum manual handling weight of just 14kg. Developed, engineered and patented in Australia, Alltuff Stands provide an innovative solution to manual handling and equipment jacking. Alltuff Stands dramatically increase safety and productivity, transforming maintenance and service activities.

30T Alltuff Work Stand load test

Safety at the forefront

The engineered lightweight and fixed height design was conceptualised with safety and performance at the forefront. The design minimises the risk of injury associated with manual handling, positioning and storing of heavy, conventional jacking or support stands. The fixed height, corrosion resistant construction eliminates the failure point common with adjustable stands, producing a safe, high-performance jacking and support solution.


  • Compliant with Australian Standard: AS2538:2016 Vehicle Support Stands
  • Solid engagement head
  • High strength composite support column
  • Reinforced CC401 aluminium base plate
  • Load ratings from 15T up to 30T
  • Various fixed heights up to a maximum of 750mm

Alltuff Work Stand Benefits

  • Certified and Compliant with Australian Standard AS2538:2016
  • Super lightweight and super heavy-duty design
  • A reduced risk of injury while handling, positioning and storing
  • Super light-weight composite, corrosion resistant construction
  • Alltuff Stands are less than half the weight of equal load bearing stands


15T (SWL) – 9kg

  • 500mm
  • 600mm
  • 750mm

30T (SWL) – 14kg

  • 500mm
  • 600mm
  • 750mm

Alltuff Work Stands

Alltuff Work Stands are certified and compliant with the Australian Standard and have been engineered to transform safety and combat the failures associated with traditional jacking stand models. Alltuff Work Stands are a high capacity light-weight stand, load rated from 15T to 30T with a maximum manual handling weight of just 14kg.


Alltuff is a name you can trust. A range of products that possess industry leading characteristics, built for heavy duty, long term use. Supplied and distributed by Bend-tech Group Pty Ltd. We guarantee Alltuff products will deliver reliable, efficient and safe, high performance outcomes. When the going gets tough, you can trust Alltuff.

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