Chocky Bars

Uses, advantages, and benefits

Chocky Bars are unique block products, which have the ability to be formed and welded onto flat or curved surfaces. Chocky Bars can be used on a range of fixed plant and mobile equipment such as buckets and chute liners.

Their appearance is similar to a candy bar with indentations that make the material easy to form. They are a versatile, critical tool for the mining industry and one that Bend-tech has a lot of experience with. They play an important role in extending the life-cycle of equipment. This leads to reduced costs for repair or replacement of equipment. It also reduces downtime expenses; when equipment is down then you’re losing time and money.

The Chocky Bar was originally developed as an alternative to costly, labour intensive welding methods. Our Chocky Bars have a variety of applications. These include wearing protection on buckets for loaders, excavators and dragline machines. Another application is for weld-on hammer tips.

Easy to use: Chocky Bar advantages

Chocky Bars are very easy to use. No excessive cutting is required unlike sheets or wear plates. There is also no preheating or post-heating when welding.

They are easy to cut and form onto the inside or outside of contoured surfaces. Calculate your own layouts and patterns as needed. The notches in the Chocky Bar assist in cutting them to size. They can also be bent to shape for the specific application.

Chocky Bars can be used in conjunction with other wear products to give you that extra advantage. Chocky Bars are metallurgically bonded with martensitic white iron bonded to a weldable, impact resistant backing plate. They have long-term wear and impact resistance when compared to other wear plates.

Chocky Bars are manufactured with notches on the mild steel backing plate. This design allows for easy cutting and shaping to fit correctly over contoured surfaces.

Post-bonding heat treatment processes can be undertaken to test Chocky Bars. This provides maximum abrasion protection. The steel backing plate absorbs high impact and allows for ease of fitting and use.

The Chocky Bar benefits

  • They are easy to use and install. Bends and forms in place.
  • Significantly increases the lifespan when compared to AR plates.
  • Reduction of downtime and maintenance of worn parts.
  • Cost effective and reduces overall costs because of the extended lifespan.


When to use a Chocky Bar

  • As a replacement for hard facing augers, directional drill heads, foundation drilling, raise bore drilling
  • Buckets (excavator, loader, dragline, and face shovel)
  • Crusher spider arm guards
  • Discharge chutes
  • Rock boxes
  • Grizzly bars on feeders/shredder/grinding mills
  • Sugarcane knife edges
  • Adapters and attachments
  • Dredging equipment
  • Screen-feed distribution
  • Hopper wear areas


Customisation options

Chocky Bars can be custom-designed to exact specifications and applications. Chocky Bars are quality tested and subjected to all elements and possibilities, including chemical and destructive examinations.

The Chocky Bar tool has a valuable place in the mining industry. Because it has so many applications, it is one of the most used devices applied to day-to-day mining activities.

Take a look at our range of Chocky Bars that we supply with all the benefits provided in this article to take advantage of them today