Materials need to be stored and organised safely on-site to minimize the risks of potentially life-threatening incidents. Storage racks and shelving can potentially store multiple tonnes of materials or equipment. Unsafe and uncertified storage could be significantly overloaded for its specifications, potentially placing operators and workers in the line-of-fire. Ensuring the use of certified and compliant racking and storage solutions transforms safety and productivity.

Common storage and racking problems

  • No certification
  • Poor configuration
  • Lack of storage efficiency
  • No steel storage racking at all, leaving materials and equipment on the ground
  • Wrong rack for the materials being stored

Productivity, resource efficiency and safety are the main failures of uncertified and non-compliant racking and storage. Poor performance in these areas severely damages operations and puts workers lives at risk. Poor resource organisation means a loss of time in production to locate the material required for the job. Leaving materials unsorted and unorganised creates the potential for damaged and wasted resources, further effecting the bottom line.


There have been 253 line-of-fire injuries between 2016 and 2018 and over half of these were high-consequence injuries which resulted in an amputation, fracture or crushed limb or body part. Over 80% of these injuries during this period were classified as serious. Injuries that occur as a result of falling, swinging or ejecting objects can cause catastrophic, sometimes permanent damage, mitigating the risks is paramount to maintaining a safe, productive site with confident staff and processes.

Integrity of structures

Between 2016 and 2018 there have been 68 incidents associated with structural failures, 13% of these incidents were classified as serious. Ensuring steel structures such as steel and equipment racking is safe and structurally will minimise the chance of injury or worse, fatality.

Suspended load safety

  • Only use structures for their intended purpose unless designed, engineered modifications have been made and certified
  • Carry out annual structural checks and inspections and produce detailed reports on required repairs and improvements
  • Carry out structural design audits to ensure all steel components on-site are not overstressed
  • Ensure any steel and supporting structures comply with the relevant Australian Standard

Certified and compliant racking and storage

Certified and compliant racking and storage solutions have been designed, engineered and tested to outperform specifications. Safety, productivity, resource efficiency and preservation are all front of mind when Bend-tech designs, engineers and constructs any rack or storage solution. Ensuring our products are certified and compliant with Australian Standards ® provides the high performance and quality outcomes we require and our customers need.

If you would like more information on the benefits certification and compliance with Australian Standards will have on your site, download our free whitepaper, 10 Valuable Benefits Certification & Compliance Can Add to Your Site