Pipe rack on site

Pipe Storage Rack

Materials need to be stored and organised safely on-site to reduce the potential of major incidents. Unsafe and uncertified storage can cause a number of significant risks. The common storage and racking problems include:

  • No certification
  • Poor configuration
  • Lack of storage efficiency
  • No steel storage racking at all, leaving materials and the equipment on the ground
  • Wrong rack for the materials being stored

These issues left unchecked could mean your current storage is significantly overloaded for its specifications, potentially placing operators and workers in the line-of-fire. These are incidents that occur as a result of falling, swinging or erecting objects, which according to SafeWork Australia, lead to 34 fatalities in 2019 alone. Unfortunately, it is still common to see unsafe and uncertified storage in the workplace.


The storage solution pictured to the right is an example of unsafe storage. This set up might look good compared to some site areas, though the risks are still just as prevalent with disorganised sections of pipe and material cluttering the surroundings.

Bend-tech had recently worked with this site regarding access and storage solutions which prompted a discussion on improving the safety and efficiency of this storage area.

Pipe rack before 2


Production snapshot

Production snapshot

Using knowledge from prior designs and the specific measurements provided by our valued client, we were able to put together the solution pictured to the left in no time.

The custom pipe rack was put through our extensive engineering process in order to receive certification to Australian Standards. The rack was constructed in our new Perth facility in heavy-duty steel and rated to a weight load limit of 400kg per level.

Forklift slots were added for ease of transport and the rack is free standing, eliminating the need to bolt it to the ground. Finally, it was finished in a heavy-duty safety yellow coating (keep in mind we are able to paint any storage equipment to your requirement).


This storage rack was designed for pipes, while also keeping in mind other material you may find in the area such as ladders and sheet metal, as seen in the picture to the right. The upgraded storage solution eliminates risks involved with uncertified equipment, and cluttered, disorganised work spaces.

Bend-tech has transformed storage safety and efficiency at many mines accross Australia, see some of our other case studies to learn more.

We have designed, engineered and fabricated a range of steel racks to safely store the types of material you would expect to find on site. Each design has been put through extensive testing to ensure weight bearing is well beyond the certification requirement. Click here to see our extensive range of storage solutions.

Pipe rack on site