Access and inspection door environments

Access and inspection environments are rugged and harsh, and the associated equipment and parts need to be able to withstand their full force.  The different industries and productions operating chutes have unique consequences on their machinery and associated components. Corrosion, wear, impact, dirt and usage breakdown are problems access and inspection doors, therefore, must be able to withstand. The design and build quality is what sets Bend-tech doors apart from the rest. Designed for the harshest environments and long-term use, they offer superior capabilities and features.

Heavy duty features and construction

Bend-tech access and inspection doors are manufactured out of high performance materials to deliver high performance outcomes. Heavy duty steel engineered and constructed for full certification ensures Bend-tech doors stand up to the harshest environments.

Premium features such as nylon hinge washers and insulation, heavy duty rubber seals, handles and locking mechanisms as well as a range of application specific finishes such as hot dip galvanising and powder coating ensures outstanding operation throughout the doors lifespan.

Intelligent consultation and design will ensure the correct door is supplied depending on site requirements. Application specific innovations and features are incorporated to ensure a long lasting high performance access and inspection door is installed, providing the promised benefits for longer.

Bend-tech Armor Doors

Bend-tech’s solution for high impact and wear situations is known as the Armor Door, built to withstand high flow and high wear situations. They are available in a number of configurations, including bolt-on chocky bars which sit proud of the secondary ‘jail bar’ door protecting them from damage and wear. Other options for the doors include Hardox and Bisalloy, the doors can also be catered for a wear liner of choice.

Long lasting, hard wearing Access and Inspection Doors

Bend-tech doors are designed and engineered to perform. The application and environment are always front of mind for the development of high performance products. Bend-tech doors stand up to the rigors of chute and process environments, providing a long lasting, safe and productive asset for the site and its operators. To find out more about our doors and how they increase safety and productivity on-site, download our free whitepaper Transforming Access and Inspection Door Safety.