Ladder Storage Rack 1

Ladder Storage Rack


You will often find that there are plenty of ladders on mine sites, workshops, and large manufacturing facilities. You may also find that these ladders are stored in an inefficient and unsafe manner, often stacked on top of each other or taking up floorspace in a storage area.

This may not seem like such a big issue, but with 23% of all serious workshop compensation claims in Australia in 2018 being associated with trips, falls and slips of a person, it should be something to consider.

One of our consultants was invited to site to assess how Bend-tech could strengthen safety and efficiency, and our Ladder Storage Rack was one to emerge out of it.


Production Drawing Snapshot

Production drawing snapshot

We took knowledge from prior designs and discussed potential solutions with our valued client with the end result being the heavy-duty steel storage rack pictured.

Our Ladder Storage Rack features 15 ladder slots (can be customised for more or less), 500kg total WLL, forklift slots for ease of movement and storage, and is finished in Y-14 safety yellow or to suit your sites’ requirements.

Forklift slots allow the entire rack to be lifted with the ladders still in place, making it easier to transfer ladders across site. This solution is in line with the 5s lean principles and ensures greater safety and efficiency in the workplace.


Ladder Storage Rack Site 1

Ladder Storage Rack 1

The design was put through our extensive engineering process and fabricated in our new Perth facility, delivered to site on time and on budget. As you can see in the photos above, our Ladder Storage Rack is being used on multiple sites in Western Australia.

We have designed, engineered and fabricated a range of steel racks to safely store the types of material you would expect to find in a maintenance workshop. Each design has been put through extensive testing to ensure weight bearing is well beyond the certification requirement. Click here to see more.