Adjustable Handrail Extensions


Change out areas for electricians can often be at awkward heights where there is very little fall protection, aside from the standard
handrailing set-up for ground-level protection.

The standard approach to protecting workers needing to access these areas at height is to use unsafe and uncertified scaffold.
For more information about the dangers of using scaffold see our eliminating scaffold page.

A valued client from a Pilbara based site got in contact with one of our consultants about designing a safe and easy solution to
reduce the risk of injury if a fall accident were to occur.



Production Drawing Snapshot

The design turned out to be quite a simple fix which can easily be applied in a range of situations.

The solution, pictured to the left, encompasses a strong lightweight aluminium constructed adjustable handrailing extension which can be attached to any standard Webforge welded handrailing.

The extension connects to the Webforge handrailing at two points, a hook which fits over the top rail and an adjustable clamp that secures to the mid rail.

As you can see in the below images, the standard handrailing would not be sufficient in protecting the electrician from falling over the edge. With the extension attached, that risk is completely eliminated.

Our adjustable safety handrail extensions are stocked in three sizes, though we have the capability to fabricate extensions to any specific requirement.


Our valued client received the adjustable handrail extensions on-time and on-budget and provided us with the above images to
show their importance.

These extensions are a much safer and easier alternative to scaffold. Safety is the number one most important factor on-site
and something as simple as these extensions could save someone from being seriously injured or worse.

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