Walkway Shedders


Mining conveyors are large structures that transport huge quantities of rocks from one place to another. These conveyors can
travel long distances and are usually running high above the ground.

Due to a number of factors, there is some potential for rocks to fall off the conveyor, creating a significant safety risk as well
as the risk of equipment damage. Our consultant met with operators from the Roy Hill mine site to discuss a
plan to mitigate these risks.

Previous Solution

New Shedder Location 1

New Shedder Location 2


Production Drawing Snapshot

The shedder design (pictured to the left) was similar to the site’s previous solution (pictured above). The structures are installed under conveyors to catch and/or shed carry-back ore and potential falling rocks.

All shedders have been designed able to be pushed or pulled into position to eliminate the need to work underneath live conveyors and dropped objects.

Shedders are cyclone rated to region “C” equipped with concrete blocks to withstand the harsh weather conditions known to the Pilbara region.

Furthermore, the shedders are a modular design, flat packed for transport and are fitted with forklift slots and lifting points to make transport and set-up easier.


The shedders were constructed and delivered to site on-time and on-budget. Similar designs for varying purposes have
been successfully constructed since the Roy Hill project.

Personnel can work with greater peace of mind knowing that they are protected from any falling rock or ore.
Get in contact today to discuss options for shedders and other protective infrastructure.