Steel Rack City

A recent site visit to a major Pilbara iron ore site had our team amazed!

On arrival it was impossible not to notice the seemingly endless lines of Bend-tech’s steel racks in the yard. Custom designed steel pipe storage racks were
stationed side-by-side on the Pilbara’s red dirt, along with five flat plate racks to store the site’s variety of steel pipes and plates safely and efficiently.

Steel pipe storage racks

Flat plate steel storage racks

Materials need to be stored and organised safely on-site to reduce the potential of major incidents. Unsafe and uncertified storage can cause a number of significant risks. The common storage and racking problems include:

  • No certification
  • Poor configuration
  • Lack of storage efficiency
  • No steel storage racking at all, leaving materials and the equipment on the ground.
  • Wrong rack for the materials being stored.

These issues left unchecked could mean your current storage is significantly overloaded for its specifications, potentially placing operators and workers in the line-of-fire. These are incidents that occur as a result of falling, swinging or erecting objects, which according to SafeWork Australia, lead to 34 fatalities in 2019 alone. Unfortunately, it is still common to see unsafe and uncertified storage in the workplace.

Leaving materials and equipment on the ground also increases the risk of falls, slips and trips of a person, which accounted for 26,000 serious injury claims in 2019. These statistics should be enough to ensure that storage of materials and equipment is safe and certified.

This is why we are seeing large sites such as this investing in certified storage solutions that are specifically designed for the materials in their inventory. It is just as important for smaller sites and workshops to invest in certified storage to mitigate the risks that are present.

Bend-tech’s racking and storage solutions have been designed, engineered and tested to outperform specifications. Our products are certified and compliant with Australian Standards, providing high performance and quality outcomes.

Bend-tech’s chain racks enhance organisation and efficiency

Very handy ladder storage rack

If your workplace needs high-quality steel tubing storage racks for your workplace and you would like a quotation, please click the ‘Get a Price’ tab on the product page, fill in the required fields and one of our engineers will get back to you.

If you have any questions about the suitability of our pipe storage racks for your intended purpose, please do not hesitate to contact a Bend-tech engineer who will be able to provide you with advice and guidance.