Often when discussions of investing in workplace safety begin, its impact on productivity is a key concern. However, the results of a safe workplace create transformational benefits to morale, motivation and overall organisational productivity. Although seemingly different, safety and productivity are quite closely related.

Safe environments minimise lost time

No matter the industry, reducing organisational downtime is a key component to maximising overall efficiency and productivity. Business relies on employees; injury or illness directly increases lost time which negatively impacts productivity and therefore the bottom line. Employees are necessary to maintain optimal efficiency, providing safe processes, equipment and conditions keeps them happy and at work keeping production moving.

A culture of safety engages employees

A safety culture encompasses procedures, process, equipment, facilities and most importantly attitudes. Introducing a safety culture and encouraging adoption from the whole organisation will increase productivity.

A study conducted at an Oil & Gas facility in the United States found that by developing a complete safety culture, they were able to increase employee productivity by 24% and reduce factory costs by 20%. These numbers represent a significant increase in profitability.

A boost in staff morale and engagement

Safe processes and working conditions go hand-in-hand with ideal operational conditions and output. When the area being worked in, the equipment they are using and the processes they are following are safe and certified, employees can focus on their work, instead of the possible dangers they may encounter.

A safe, well organised and clean organisation is an efficient one, efficiency breeds productivity. Employees who are empowered to work efficiently are happier and therefore more productive and engaged in their activities. Many studies have been able to correlate a direct link between satisfaction and work and increased productivity.

Bend-tech’s culture of safety and productivity

At Bend-tech we pride ourselves on providing the safest environment possible. If a process needs to be improved and made safer, action is taken to ensure each, and every employee is confident, happy and ready to work to the best of their ability and achieve what they set out to do. Ensuring employee satisfaction relies on feedback, creating avenues for staff engagement and improvements is pivotal to morale and performance. If you would like to learn more about safety, certification and the value it can add to your organisation download our free whitepaper “10 Valuable Benefits Certification and Compliance Can Add to Your Site.”