Safe and Certified Storage Racks


Materials need to be stored and organised safely on-site to reduce the potential of major incidents. Unsafe and uncertified storage can cause a number of significant risks. The common storage and racking problems include:

No certification
Poor configuration
Lack of storage efficiency
No steel storage racking at all, leaving materials and the equipment on the ground.
Wrong rack for the materials being stored.

These issues left unchecked could mean your current storage is significantly overloaded for its specifications, potentially placing operators and workers in the line-of-fire. These are injuries that occur as a result of falling, swinging or erecting objects, which accounted for 253 injuries between 2016 and 2018.


Our certified Steel Pipe Storage Rack reduces safety risks and makes the workplace tidy and more efficient.

Investing in certified storage solutions that are specifically designed for your requirements will enhance your safety and efficiency.

Bend-tech’s racking and storage solutions have been designed, engineered and tested to outperform specifications. Our products are certified and compliant with Australian Standards, providing high performance and quality outcomes.


Certified storage solutions will make your workplace more organised, efficient, and safe. Between 2016 and 2018 there were 68 incidents associated with structural failures, 13% of those were classified as serious. This is why it is integral to have proper suspended load safety measures in place, such as only using structures for their intended purpose, and ensuring any steel and supporting structures comply with the relevant Australian Standard.

Instead of assuming that your storage system has worked in the past so it will continue to work in the future, take the time to assess the risks that are present and consider a certified solution.

Electrical Cable Rack

Bore Pump Cradle Frame

General Purpose Steel Rack