Haul Truck Tray Stand 45 Tonne

Haul Truck Tray Stand 45 Tonne

Our Haul Truck Support Stand is used to support the front end of haul trucks during truck tray for crack testing and repair. Engineered and certified to a safe work load of 45 tonne, our stands are to be used in sets of four.

Part: 5401371

  • Description

    Product Description

    SWL 45 Tonne

    Compliant with Australian Standards

    Removable top plate for use with trays

    Fork pockets for easy lifting

    Easy removable top plate for use on different trays

    Custom top plates for your own site’s tray

    This item can be customised to meet your specific needs and is engineered, certified and built to Australian Standards.

  • Additional information

    Additional information