Half Sloping Vertical Steel Rack

Our Vertical Steel Plate Rack is used for the storage of steel plates where you may not have the area for a horizontal storage rack. Certified and compliant with Australian Standards.

Our steel racks do not include concrete footings or concrete footing engineering as standard, if this is something you require please let our team know and we can provide this for you.

Part: 5000232

  • Description

    Product Description

    This rack is used where the site has the appropriate vertical lifting gear, and is fully engineered and certified.

    WLL: 4.25T per bay

    6 shelves

    Lifting eyes for ease of transport

    Hot dip galvanised finish

    Forklift friendly

    Modular design for ease of transport and assembly on-site

    Fully engineered and certified

    This item can be customised to meet your specific needs and is engineered, certified and built to Australian Standards

  • Additional information

    Additional information