MEM Toolbox Kits


Specialised tooling and equipment is required for heavy mobile equipment maintenance. Storage of this equipment can often be unorganised
with poor accessibility, such as the example pictures below taken from an MEM workshop.

Unorganised workshops can present certain risks to maintenance personnel and at the same time will reduce efficiency.

Due to the specialised nature of some MEM tooling, standard toolboxes would rarely solve the storage problem. This led our team to work
closely with a valued client toward designing MEM storage containters fit for their purpose.

Maintenance tooling is often packed into a box which can be frustrating and time consuming to find exact tools.

Maintenance parts are usually packed together in unorganised messy piles.


The first step was to get out on site and measure each individual tool that is essential for maintenance. Tooling varies depending on the type, model and make of the equipment, which in this case is the Caterpillar D10T dozer.

Once each tool was measured the design process began, keeping in mind any certification requirements and custom design requests from the client.

The toolbox was constructed in heavy-duty steel with a heavy-duty foam cut out. This ensures minimal damage to maintenance equipment when stored and a toolbox that will last even in the harshest of conditions.

Each tool has its own slot to make it easier to find, and easy to know if there is any piece missing. The toolbox is also fitted with forklift slots to enhance mobility and storage efficiency.

D10T Undercarriage Kit Toolbox

Multiple drawer compartments


Our Caterpillar D10T undercarriage kit toolbox has become a popular addition to many MEM workshops across Australia. We have since designed a range of other MEM storage containers, and have the capability to design and construct from your requirements.

These kits save time and enhance MEM safety and efficiency, get in contact today to discuss your storage containter requirements.

Toolbox kits/storage containers can be easily stored and transported.