Light Vehicle Washdown Ramp


Rangers and service personnel on Fraser Island were encountering ongoing vehicle issues due to heavy corrosion caused by the harsh salty and sandy environment.

The Queensland Parks and Wildlife base approached Bend-tech about providing a solution to easily wash the vehicles and to safely inspect the car engines on a regular basis.

The solution would be required to maintain its structure and quality against the harsh corrosive environment and suit a variety of vehicle makes.




A Bend-tech consultant met with site personnel at Fraser Island to discuss potential designs and scope out the environment. After gathering all the necessary information, the design pictured to the left was proposed.

The light vehicle washdown ramp was designed to be stationed on concrete slabs with easy access and space for washing and maintenance. The vehicle simply drives up the ramp, the breaks are applied, and the angle bars hold the vehicle in place. Once in position, the vehicle can be washed thoroughly and safely inspected for any corrosion or mechanical issues.

The ramp was fabricated from hot dipped galvanised steel to stand up against the harsh corrosive environment, with a weight load limit of 8 tonne. The same fabrication process was used for the access platform and stairway, all certified and compliant with Australian Standards.

The solution was designed to suit a variety of vehicles including Landcruiser dual cab 79, Iveco fire unit, Ford Ranger dual cab, Prado wagon, Suzuki Jimny, and Landcruiser single cab fire unit.


Proposed Ramp Area 1

Proposed Ramp Area 2

The Queensland Parks and Wildlife were pleased with the designs and ordered six ramps to be stationed at various sites on Fraser Island. *insert testimonial*

The light vehicle washdown ramp has since been redesigned to suit both smaller vehicles and larger trucks. Get in contact today if you would like some more information about washdown ramps or maintenance equipment.

Finished Solution On-Site

Finished Solution On-Site