Men have always coveted and utilised the hidden bounties that the Earth has to offer. From the earliest, most primitive stone tools to the introduction of steel picks and pneumatic hammers, the mining industry has always been keen to embrace the latest technology. To find the most effective, efficient way to get those precious, valuable materials out of the ground and leave those who do the digging intact afterwards. 

When it comes to experimenting with and relying upon state-of-the-art mining technology,  Bend-tech is fully on board and has been for more than 30 years. The Australian mining industry continues to have the highest use of modern technologies anywhere in the world.

Automation and drones

The shift towards ever-increased automation in the mining industry has been fast and furious. This rise has saved countless workers from risking life and limb in situations that can now be effectively handled by programmable machines.

Anything from blasting and drilling to transporting materials from the source can now be done automatically or by remote-controlled drones. Keeping workers away from dangerous areas and activities as much as possible.

GPS and GIS systems

Global positioning and geographic information systems are crucial elements of any modern mining concern. They map out the area in question and provide geospatial data using 3D technology. When combined, these high-tech solutions are able to look at the bigger picture and predict any issues and impact on the environment before the first blow has even been struck. 

Workforce tracking

Wearable technologies now allow workers to be tracked and analysed constantly, right down to their fatigue levels. In emergency situations, there will never be any question as to their location or current state of health and this brings down response times and increases safety in all areas.


The breakdown of every aspect of a modern mining concern now reaches inconceivably tiny details as industrial-scale mining machines and technologies give up their secrets. 

Everything from worker movement to predictive maintenance, inventory control, and waste reduction is now fully in the remit of computerised technology. A stream of data is collected from every conceivable point and analysed to give mine operators the most efficient way to perform any given function.

Electric vehicles

Battery-powered vehicles have become indispensable in the day-to-day operation of many mines and other industrial settings. They cause a huge reduction in collision risks when operating autonomously, and keep harmful emissions to a minimum. With minimal power consumption, these vehicles are also more cost-efficient to operate and are spectacularly reliable to boot. 

The future of mining technology

Mining technologies and innovations have come a long way incredibly quickly and show no signs of slowing down at any point. The sheer number of them is certain to impact the industry in unforeseen ways as time passes and the ceaseless drive towards improvements and advances in efficiency continues.

The nature of new innovations and technologies means trends that will shape the future of the mining industry can be hard to predict moving forwards. What does seem certain is that there will be no slowing down or reversing the increased use of automation and remotely-performed tasks. Computers will play ever more important, powerful roles and the introduction of artificial intelligence is already well underway.

Green issues will continue to be a key concern in the mining industry and technologies that seek to help better protect fragile environments will be prevalent. They are already able to predict issues that extend beyond the boundaries of a mining operation in all directions and keep any impact to an absolute minimum.

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At Bend-tech, we pride ourselves on remaining at the cutting edge of mining technology and industry-leading design. Any technological developments that can improve efficiency, output, and most of all safety are constantly on our radar. 

We want to facilitate the seamless, smooth running and maintenance of mining sites and to this end, we take our role very seriously. Our products and systems are of the absolute highest quality and are always in full compliance with Australian standards.

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