Fuel tank complete2

Fuel Tank Refurbishment


Fuel tanks on large mobile equipment are constantly being damaged. This is due to excessive exposure to mud that builds up behind the bash plate causing structural damage to the tank.

This damage creates a hazard that puts maintenance personnel at risk of hand lacerations when attempting to access the area. Operational success is also jeopardised given the damaged area can create machine downtime.

Previous solutions involved a costly full tank replacement or for the sites to attempt to repair the tank themselves. One of our valued clients in the Pilbara contacted the team and we were happy to develop a long-lasting solution.

2Fuel tank incomplete

Damaged fuel tank prior to refurbishment


3Strip test 2

Stripped back and NDT tested ready for Linex Coating

The fuel tank was sent to Bend-tech’s facilities in Perth, Western Australia, where a full refurbishment and improvement of the fuel tank was carried out. This included:

  • The tank being stripped back and NDT crack tested,
  • repaired and pressure tested,
  • blasted and coated in high-performance Armour Flex Coating, and
  • a full report was then prepared for the client, detailing all of the repairs and testing completed.

The process also eliminates the need for bash plates, one of the key enablers of corrosion.


The fuel tank along with Bend-tech’s optional transport frame was delivered back to site within 3 weeks. The response from our client could not be any more positive, and have since sent several more fuel tanks for refurbishment. This process will extend the life of fuel tanks while reducing the operational and physical risks associated.

The model of truck referred to is the Caterpillar 793F, though our capability extends beyond this model. Please get in contact with one of our team today to discuss your options with Bend-tech’s fuel tank repairs and refurbishment.

Bend-tech are now offering a Rotable Fuel Tank System to further reduce operational downtime! We can send you a new fuel tank to swap with your damaged tank, then make the necessary repairs and hold stock in one of our facilities close to your site, ready to swap back when required. For more information see our brochure.

1Fuel tank complete2

Refurbishment complete and ready for dispatch