Excavator Track Platform


Maintenance on the lift arm pins and hydraulic cylinders is often required on the Liebherr 996 and 9400 excavators. These areas are located just on top of the track pad where there is very little room for movement for maintenance personnel.

A current access method is to use a step ladder to get on top of the track pad. This method puts maintenance personnel at risk of falling, which could result in a serious injury as the track is three metres high.

A valued client from a site in the Pilbara consulted a member from the Bend-tech team about providing a safer access and maintenance solution.

Large rocks

Large rocks cause damage to the lift arm pins



Production drawing snapshot

The enquiry was passed on to our design and engineering team, where using the knowledge and experience from similar projects, developed a solution pictured to the left.

The platform is constructed using heavy-duty steel and is attached to the tracks where it maintains a fixed position. The bolt-in grating deck significantly reduces slip or fall hazards.

Aluminium ladders are attached to safely enter the platform area without the need of a separate access platform. Non-slip nosings are included on all ladder treads.

Self-closing gates and removable handrails allow for maximum safety and efficiency while carrying out maintenance.

Forklift slots, lifting lugs and tiedown points are all included to make transport and installation easier.


The track platform was delivered to site on-time and on-budget. The track platform designed for the Liebherr 996 and 9400 excavators
is continuing to make maintenance safer and more efficient for sites with this equipment.

Maintenance personnel can work with greater peace of mind with the larger protected work area and safer access solution. Get in
contact with the team today to or fill in the form below to discuss your excavator maintenance safety and efficiency.


Finished Solution On-Site

Finished Solution

Finished Solution On-Site