Caterpillar 994H Emergency Ladder


Emergency ladders on large mobile equipment such as the Caterpillar 994H are constantly being damaged due to their fixed, low hanging position.

Without the emergency escape ladders functional on these machines operators are left in danger if and when a fire or an emergency shutdown situation occurrs.


Original Ladder Solution


The team at Bend-tech designed and engineered a replacement ladder with torqued gear units to provide controlled release when lowering, but complete ease when lifting.

The ladder is fabricated with lightweight but extremely tough aluminium, with a heavy-duty steel mainframe and its functionality means it is out of the line-of-fire when not in use.

View our animated video for a better understanding of how the ladder works or see Andrew’s video explanation.


The emergency ladder design took our engineers time to perfect, but it is now becoming more common among large mobile equipment
in Western Australia’s Pilbara region. The design significantly minimises the chance of damage or destruction of emergency ladders,
creating transformational savings and ensuring operators safe exit in emergency situations.


Emergency Ladder On-Site


Emergency Ladder On-site Egressed

Our emergency ladder (Part No. 5504157) was designed for the Caterpillar 994H wheel loader but can be customised to
fit a wide range of machines and applications. Get in contact today.