Caterpillar 854K Draft Arm Stand


Safety is the number one concern when performing maintenance, especially on large mobile equipment.

To gain safe access to specific areas for mobile equipment maintenance, such as the area underneath the blade of the Caterpillar 854K dozer, correct equipment that is certified to hold the suspended load is a necessity.




Bend-tech have designed and engineered stands that are certified to safely hold the suspended load required.

Our 854K stand is designed so the draft arms slot perfectly into the top section so no movement can occur. The angle of the top section can be modified with a swivel pin design for increased safety and efficiency.

Bend-tech has designed similar stands for trucks such as the Caterpillar D10 and D11 dozers and are capable of engineering stands to the specific measurements and load limits required.


The 854K draft arm stand will provide safe entry to enable efficient maintenance to the area underneath the bull blade. These stands are constructed and delivered within a week, meaning downtime is minimal if emergency maintenance or repair is required.

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