Air Filter Access Platform

Air Filter Access Platform with Goods Lift


Air filters on all mobile mining equipment often require routine maintenance and replacement. This is due to the extensive dust build-up in the filters, causing a reduction in engine performance and a slight weight increase, thus decreasing operational efficiency.

Air filters are often located toward the top of mobile equipment, such is with the Caterpillar 789, meaning safe access for maintenance and replacement is paramount. Previously maintenance personnel would use scaffold or a work platform to access the area while carrying replacement filters, then drop the old air filter from the top to the ground. These actions carry inherent risks involving potential lifting and handling hazards, a risk of falling from height, and the risk to personnel being struck by a falling object.

The extent of these risks prompted maintenance personnel from a site in WA’s Pilbara region to invite a Bend-tech consultant to scope out the issue and discuss a potential solution.

789 Air Filter Access Production Drawing 2

Production Drawing Snapshot


Air Filter Access Platform

Finished Design

Our client requested we fit our previous model platform with a goods lift which enables safe, efficient and easy maintenance for all personnel on-site. The goods lift has a safe working load limit of 40kg but this along with the design, size and height of the platform and lift basket can be customised to suit specific requirements.

The pneumatic operated goods lift has been designed to ensure high performance function and low maintenance under harsh conditions. We have designed and engineered the platform and goods lift to ensure maintenance tasks can be safely and efficiently executed by a diverse workforce.

As is with most of Bend-tech’s MEM access solutions, the platform is constructed in heavy-duty aluminium and features a non-slip stairway and work area, high-quality lockable German made castor wheels, forklift slots, removable handrails and a self-closing gate. Watch the video below to see the features.


Our air filter access platform has been delivered to site and we are awaiting feedback from our client.

As mentioned, this platform and goods lift can be customised to suit your specific requirements. The goods lift can also be added to any of our MEM access platform range.

If you would like to learn more about how we can maximise your maintenance safety and efficiency and incorporate designs that enable inclusive and diverse teams, reach out to one of the Bend-tech team today.