830E Engine Access Platform


Maintainers on a site in the Pilbara were concerned about the risk of falling when working on Komatsu 830E haul truck fans and fan belts. There are no platforms or ladders that are narrow enough to fit between the wheels and the structure, unless the wheels are in a hard-right or hard-left position, which means one side will be exposed.

The maintainers were also concerned about the fall risk when checking the front strut pressure on the 830 haul trucks. Some trucks have a small step and guard rails to access the area which provide limited protection, other trucks however require the maintainer to stand on the mid-rail to reach.



Engine access platform


As maintenance tasks in this area are frequent, the client requested that our engineers design and fabricate a narrow platform ladder that provides safe access in this area without the risk of falling.

Our team was able to design and engineer the platform required in a short turn around time. The same access solution was designed to also safely access the area to check the front strut pressure on the 830 haul trucks.

The platform is designed with slip resistant stair step access, a drop in boom gate and removable handrails for protection, and forklift slots and heavy-duty swivel lockable caster wheels for ease of movement.


The engine access platform was fabricated and despatched to the Pilbara site within two weeks of the order being placed. The client was very satisfied
with the finished product. Maintainers are now able to access the areas with a lot more confidence about their safety.

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Engine bay ladder
Close up of a stand