Track Machine Mobile Access Platform

Our range of rail service and locomotive access platforms are designed and engineered for safe, efficient and easy maintenance.

Part: 5501793

  • Description

    Product Description

    Heavy-duty aluminium construction

    Extended height handrails

    Sliding handrails on the side extend by 2.2m

    Complete safety when working in hard to reach areas

    Non-slip stairway and work area

    Self-closing door

    Replaces the need for scaffolding or EWP’s

    Wheels for ease of manoeuvrability on site

    Tow-point which attaches to a tug, for easy movement

    Comprehensive sensors provided – on all gates and height sensors on the adjustment system.

    Adjustable in height

    Hinged ladder system, which alters angle as the platform adjusts up and down

    This item can be customised to meet your specific needs and is engineered, certified and built to Australian Standards.