Safety is a key component of a successful industry or workplace. The nature of the mining industry creates many hazards and potentially dangerous situations that need to be handled correctly. The workers safety and well-being are always front of mind and ensuring a zero-harm working environment is a top priority.

One area that carries inherent risk is the use of trestles and work stands. A necessary piece of equipment for maintenance and the breakdown of heavy machinery, work stands, and trestles must be selected and used carefully. Often weight baring 2 tonnes or more, a mishap can cause some serious safety issues and damage expensive equipment.

Bend-tech is a safety and innovation leader and through intelligent design, engineering and construction. Bend-tech has been able to lift the bar when it comes to work stands and trestles.

There is a range of best practices and specifications to maintain when using work stands and trestles:

  • Ensure trestles and work stands are fully certified and compliant with Australian Standards
  • Do not overload
  • Set up trestles on even and level surfaces
  • Stabilise and level before adding planks
  • Only perform work between the trestles
  • Align trestles horizontally before use
  • Check stability before use
  • Distribute weight evenly
  • Inspect trestles after use for any possible wear or damage
  • Check all welds for cracks, distortion, separation or loose components
  • Scan sole plates for any signs of warping
  • Store all items carefully
  • Protect all equipment from environmental damage

Bend-tech has an extensive range of fully certified and compliant heavy-duty work stands and trestles. These ensure that safe working loads are handled correctly and include forklift slots for easy transport. Bend-tech work stands and trestles range from general purpose stands for heavy machinery, to stands engineered for more specialised uses.

Bend-techs range of work stands, and trestles includes but is not limited to:

  • 500kg aluminium trestles
  • 2-10 Tonne steel trestle stands.
  • 3-100 Tonne general purpose work stands.

View a full range of Bend-tech work stands and trestles or get in contact today to discuss your on-site heavy-duty support and handling needs. If you would like more information on Bend-techs commitment to certified and compliant site solutions download our free whitepaper 10 Valuable Benefits Certification & Compliance Can Add to Your Site