Preventative maintenance provides tangible, long-term benefits to an organisations assets. Ensuring the plant, operating equipment and ancillary components are maintained, creates extended value, reduced costs, increased safety and boosts productivity. The plant must be producing and in order for that to be possible it needs to be handled correctly and maintenance organised consistently.

Source: Maintenance Wizard

Planned maintenance presents many obvious benefits, some of which are the following:

Lower Your Maintenance Costs
Proactive and preventive maintenance has proven to lower costs by catching small issues before they become much larger.

Improve Useful Equipment Life
Equipment that is serviced regularly does not have to be “turned over” as frequently. This lowers your equipment costs over time.

Increased Productivity
Equipment that is well maintained does not break down. This improves productivity as well as your
bottom line performance.

Increase Residual Values
Equipment can be turned-over if it is maintained correctly, further benefitting the bottom line.

Enhance Facility Safety
Equipment failures can have catastrophic consequences. Properly maintaining your equipment will improve operator safety, as well as those that work around your equipment.

Having the right partner in maintaining your equipment is paramount. If you want to learn more about how empower maintenance planners can benefit your planned and equipments performance, download our free whitepaper “Operational Efficiency: 4 Ways to Empower the Maintenance Planner