The Bend-tech FrontLiner the #1 super heavy duty,robust and reliable delineation solution. Modelled on Australian MainRoad Standards and designed to require zero maintenance, the technology used inthe FrontLiner will perform at peak capacity for over 350,000 cycles. Over a project’s lifespan the FrontLiner provides unrivalled economy with a lifespan over 5 times longer than a conventional battery powered delineator.

Developed and manufactured in Australia,FrontLiner delineators create safer heavy haulage roads, mines and commercial sites. They are easy to install with ‘set and leave’ functionality. FrontLiner are simple to demobilise and set up in new locations, catering for site and road changes and adaptions.

Sustainable Delineation

FrontLiner are completely battery free which provides many benefits over alternative delineation systems. Being battery free the lifespan of the FrontLiner is significantly longer than a battery powered delineator. A conventional battery powered delineator typically has a lifespan of 1-year, while FrontLiner life expectancy is over 10-years.

Battery free also means environmentally stable, no dangerous chemicals are at risk of being leached into the environment creating a sustainable delineation system. Long lasting, environmentally friendly delineation that produces significant ROI over a projects lifespan, a fixed one-time cost that you can set-and-forget about.


The FrontLiner charges under all weather conditions. In full sunlight a full 20-hour operation capacity will be achieved in 3 hours of charging. In overcast conditions the same performance will be achieved in 6 hours. FrontLiners engage automatically once natural light fades. Residual power will be stored once the sun rises and the lights shut down.


The ability to provide high visibility without the need for reflective lighting ensures unrivalled, reliable, safe delineation for longer. Bend-tech FrontLinerDelineators are designed to make haul roads and mine sites safer. Reduced down-time for maintenance and replacement increases productivity, further reducing the costs associated with haul road and site delineation. Visit our Bend-tech FrontLiner page and discover more about our sustainable delineation solutions.