Providing robust solutions across many industries

Bend-tech Group has a long history and strong experience in a number of industries, not only in Western Australia, but across the country. Bend-tech Group’s vast experience and extensive network has given us an appreciation of each industry’s bespoke needs.

Read more about a number of our solutions applied to various industries in Case Studies.


01 Mining

Bend-tech Group has a very strong connection to the mining industry through our engineering and product innovation in mining equipment.

We have supplied a huge range of safety products including Work Stands & Trestles, Access Solutions, Heavy Duty storage, Lifting & Handling and Maintenance Tooling. Through our engineering and metal processing we have provided bending, rolling and fabrication services and supplied steel and wear products.

We have also provided several bespoke solutions to the industry through our CDEC process to address challenges that were previously thought to be unresolvable.

Oil and Gas, Chemical and Petro Chemical

02 Oil and Gas, Chemical and Petro Chemical

We have extensive experience in shut down engineering services and maintenance work support, often operating on tight timescale and critical turnarounds. Our expertise in boiler and superheater tube bending, tight radius pipe bending, pipe thread protectors and manifold housings sets us apart from our competition. By providing engineering support and excellent customer service, we have partnered many clients on repeat work cycles and prototyping for production efficiencies.


03 Construction

Ensuring the safety of your workforce on a construction site is a difficult business with heavy plant and machinery and hazardous conditions all increasing the risk to staff, contractors and the public. We offer fabricated certified safety and handling products, as well as expertise in metal processing, mandrel bending and fabrication support to the build and maintenance processes.

Shipping and Marine

04 Shipping and Marine

With our 28 years of bending and fabricating history we have provided many ports and shipping companies with our steel supply and processing capabilities. With strengths in Wear Parts, Pipe Bending and Section Rolling along with skilled Aluminium Welders we are a trusted partner for many clients.

Architectural  and Design

05 Architectural and Design

We relish our opportunities to show the full range of our bending, pressing and rolling skills and have partnered with clients in creating and designing sculptures, artwork and unique pieces of metal work. Bend-tech’s experience and expertise allow you to bring to life intricate and unique pieces.

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