Design and Engineering



Our CDEC Process

The CDEC Process is Consultation, Design, Engineering and Construction services to make sure that whatever you’re working on is fully compliant, totally reliable and completely managed to give you complete peace of mind at the lowest price possible.

Our extensive experience, spanning three decades, has created a wide range of products for a variety of environments and industrial applications. This experience has taught us to take the time to listen to you and understand your needs, which then guides our approach to providing affordable solutions.

From customised tooling and parts to specialised engineered products and support systems, we partner with you through our CDEC Process to provide you with a concept to a complete package.



CONSULTATION: We come to you, listen to your requirements, and discuss possible solutions for your project.

DESIGN: We produce designs in CAD design arm, drafting documentation and providing advanced manufacturing processes.

ENGINEERING: We source materials, provide full engineering and certification including WLL, load ratings, integrity reports and certificate plates/identifications.

CONSTRUCTION: We manufacture and include testing, machining, heat treatment, surface treatment and trial fit. Solutions can be delivered fully constructed.


See a number of our solutions applied to various situations.