Case Studies


Rock Shedders

Falling rock debris can be a huge safety issue on mine sites. To prevent this, mines often use temporary scaffolding as rock cover shedders. This was the case for one major iron ore company located in the Pilbara, who operated a conveyor belt with two of these systems attached. These were erected temporarily to protect the workers and assets as the image below shows.
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Tool Box for 793F Tray Lift

A major iron ore company located in the Pilbara had a fleet of 793F trucks. During the maintenance of these, the haul trays needed lifting which was done using special equipment. This equipment needed to be organized and stored safely whilst not in use. Prior to Bend-tech visiting site, the equipment was ...
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Hitachi Valve Access Platform

A major iron ore company located in the Pilbara was using a Hitachi EX5600 Excavator shovel. Behind the shovel were hydraulic valve points that needed to be accessed for maintenance. There was a 1.8 meter space from the ground to the valve points which made them difficult to access. To solve this ...
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830E Komatsu Engine Bay Platforms Upgrade

A major global coal producer located in the Rockhampton region of Queensland was using a substandard engine bay access platform with a stepladder attachment to access their Komatsu 830E truck. The platform was causing safety hazards as there wasn’t a ...
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Solomon Mine Site, Pilbara

FMG encountered a challenge on their overland conveyor belt when worn idler rollers needed to be replaced. These rollers are replaced on an ‘as needed basis’ to ensure that they remain in prime condition for the conveyor to continue operation. Each time the rollers are due for replacement, the belt needs to be lifted clear of the idler rollers and safely supported to enable access for maintenance. Unreliable methods of supporting the belt can be a safety hazard for staff working ...
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Parker Point, Karratha

Every 8 weeks, maintenance crews required an external team to erect a temporary scaffold, in order to access a bucket wheel reclaimer to inspect and change the main bearings. The current process of erecting and breaking down the scaffold was expensive, time consuming and cumbersome. Since this particular maintenance task was periodic it was essential that the platform could be removed and re-engaged as needed as efficiently as possible. The environment in the maintenance bay was ...
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